Satified customers, for whom we are committed to achieving their goals!

For me, Francine Lavallée is a special person. I discovered her about ten years ago when she took over my financial file which was, in the days of Francine, a real chaos.

I particularly appreciate the fact that she really cares about the person I am, even beyond the simple customer etiquette.

Her ability to share and listen ensures that my portfolio accurately reflects my profile and my specific needs. Francine and her multidisciplinary team keep an eye on the best products of the hour on the market and together we work to grow and protect my assets.

Caroline Salette
Owner of RE/MAX Royal Jordan

As a long-time client, Francine wants to be very reassuring by making sure I understand all the elements relevant to my needs in personal insurance. I have great confidence in the proposed solutions and I feel safe.

Frédéric Lalonde
Owner of Informatique Commercials du Suroît (ICS) inc.

Now retired, it’s been more than 15 years since we chose Francine Lavallée to take charge of our insurance and investment needs, among other things, to create a tailor-made retirement fund.

Before I even entrusted her with our portfolio, “said Mr. Fordham,” I had volunteered for five years with Francine in a business association, which allowed me to discover her professionalism, influence and her sincerity. She won not only our trust, but also our friendship.

Francine Lavallée is well versed in the market and the various financial products and offers solutions adapted to our needs so that we live a carefree and well-filled retirement. Many thanks to Francine.

Anne-Marie et Charles Fordham
Retired of Métro Fordham

After the loss of a loved one, my family and I greatly appreciated the services of Francine Lavallée and her team. Following this hardship, we did not know where to start. Ms. Lavallée knew, with discretion, understanding and professionalism, to guide and advise us on government requests, transfer of funds, change of notarial titles and everything related to taxation.

We greatly appreciated that everything is under the same roof. She really facilitated all these inevitable formalities with her good advice. Again, on behalf of my family and myself, a big thank you for your personalized and exceptional services.

Sylvain S. and his family

In recent years, I have worked with Francine to help her clients achieve their financial goals. Having met many of her clients, I was able to see how they appreciate her services and advice. She knows how to guide them in their approach and does not hesitate to refer them to other professionals so that they have a complete approach to their financial health. It is a pleasure to have Francine as a collaborator, I highly recommend her.

Gerry Lefebvre
Mortgage counsellor

It was following a recommendation from our banking adviser, while the financial offer of his institution was capped, that we met Ms. Lavallée: it was in 1995. Since then, no regret, no problem, because we found at home the answer to all our needs.

It is with confidence and serenity that we made the transition to our retirement and, today more than ever, we are fully satisfied with the service offered and the options available in terms of insurance and investments.

The Lorini couple

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